We offer: jobs in all technical sectors, interesting projects, wages accordance the market, diversity. We help organizations to better use their available capacity.
We are looking for Europeans technical skilled professionals...
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We offer: highly qualified personnel, such as automotive, construction, metal and technical industry.
There is always a need for good, skilled professionals.

Metal workers

Do you work as a welder, CNC programmer or industrial painter? Let us know, we want to help you!

Automotive industry

Are you a mechanic, car painter or a panel beater? Then we can help you!

Construction workers

We have work for Allround carpenter, painter, insulator, roofer, tiler and many other jobs in the contruction that are waiting for you!

Technical industry

For experienced electricians, plumbers and many other professions, please check our website to get more information!

Recent Jobs

Vacancy for 1 team of 2 natural slate roofers in the Netherlands

Type: Full Time Expires in: 1 month 2 weeks Industry: Roofing

Function: 2 natural slate roofers
When you are an qualify natural Slate Roofer and you are looking for an new challenge.
Than we could be the solution temporary or on longer terms.

Our client is operating all...

Job posted: 6 days 5 hours ago

Tank-Container Mechanic

Type: Full Time Expires in: 1 month 1 week Industry: Tank Containers

We are looking for motivated Tank-container Mechanic`s in the Netherlands.

Our Client offers a one-stop service for all brands of tank trailers and tank containers. we are immediately looking for new colleagues Tank Container Mechanics. Do you have experience in metal and an affinity...

Job posted: 1 week 6 days ago


Type: Full Time Expires in: 3 weeks 3 days Industry: groundwork

The activities:
Laying cables and pipes,
fiber optic networks and sewerage Assisting in the installation of revetments,
embankments, lampposts and culverts Making tires,
gullies Pre-stabbing at the tap Digging and sealing trenches

Job posted: 4 months 2 weeks ago

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Oct 11th, 2020
  Our successful temporary employment agency will soon be starting a new department: A broad care department, with a new name, where you, as an employer in healthcare, but also as a jobseeker, can go. The basic principle is to "match" both parties so that the affiliated healthcare institutions are assured... + continue reading
Sep 20th, 2020
  Dear Colleagues, The Coronavirus is still going on.  That’s why we publish the guidelines again. Keep distance from others (Minimum 1,5 Meters) and avoid social activities and groups of people! If you are coughing and/or having a cold, the following already applies: Stay at home! If you... + continue reading
Nov 05th, 2019
Information for the companies: Because there is a shortage of Dutch and German workers , professionals from other EU countires members can be a good solution for your business!  In our specialization areas, such as automotive, construction, metal and technical industry, there is always a need for good... + continue reading

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Jacek Gasztold - Poland - Painter

I recommend don!

I am working there since 2014 and I am very satisfied with this cooperation. The salary is good and they are paying on time. Don employees are nice and helpfull. I recommend don uitzendgroep.

Brendan Donnelland, Plasterer, Ireland

Thank You don!

I recommend don to anyone who is thinking of working in Holland. They are very professional and helpful in all the matters.I'm very grateful to be associated with this agency!

Ramon Dumitrache, Mechanic , Romanian

don is a great agency!

don is serious from all points of view: a exceptional job, a civilized accommodation , the salary is paid with clockwise precision. You can always contact them and they will be happy to help. They are often interested that everything is ok. I recommend you to trust don uitzendgroep.

Akos Szita
Akos Szita, Hungarian

Open for foreigners

After few years working in Germany, don was the best choice! don they act correct, helpful and I only see benefits. The accommodation are always well choosen. Work good and hard and they rest they will take care of it!