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Dec 14th, 2018
Christmas is coming! Every year once November ends, there are people who have to do some extra work. It starts with our Management ... They decide what the concept will be, and ensure that the necessary items are ordered for this. Upon arrival of these items, it is the turn of our lovely Receptionist Lenneke... As soon as there are enough articles available, they are skillfully packed by her. Every year she puts a lot of love into this, and as far as she can do it alone she does this between her normal tasks. After this our planning Guru follows, better known by our craftsmen as... + continue reading
Nov 27th, 2018
As may be known to everyone, from 25 May 2018 a new legislation comes into force in the context of privacy with regard to personal data. Of course, as a reputable temporary employment agency, we do not want to stay behind in this. That is why we started our GDPR program at the beginning of this year. It starts by knowing what the GDPR legislation actually means. The GDPR legislation describes the rules concerning the collection and storage of personal data that can be traced directly to a specific person. First we had to map under which conditions we may keep personal data.... + continue reading
Elektriciens Corin en Marius
Nov 20th, 2018
't Tuigleerstraatje in Cuijk is being renovated. Here, 50 homes will be built for people in need of care. On this beautiful project the experienced electrician Corin (right on the photo) started via don uitzendgroep to build the electricity. A few days later we were able to add the young electrician Marius (left in the photo) to the team. Both craftsmen are of Romanian origin, and they understand their profession like no other. For Marius, it is nice that Corin takes him under his wing because the 26-year-old Marius, who could have been Corin's son, is in the Netherlands for the... + continue reading
Jun 28th, 2017
As a European Citizen you are allowed to work in the European Union, however each country has different regulations concerning employment contracts. For instance, many people in the Netherlands work with a temporary employment contract. Some of them, including many people from other countries, work through private employment agencies.   Are you European and you looking for work in the Netherlands or in Germany?   Please check our vacancies page and send us your CV or simply ask for us to contact you back!   don uitzendgroep is waiting for you!    
Jun 09th, 2017
In the last week of May 2017 all don uitzendgroep employees were busy with the VIL VCU exam. After two days full of excitement and great effort of our employees, we are proud to announce that don uitzendgroep has succesfully renewed the VIL-VCU certificate.   Diplomas are on the way!   Congratulations to all of our hardworking employees!  
Dec 22nd, 2016
For us, keeping a good relation is a priority! Here is an article where don uitzendgroep was quoted. It was published on 13-12-2016 at " Boxmeers- en Cuijks Weekblad." In the photo from left to right: Marieke Beerkens (Grafipoint), Mike Hermsen(don), Christa Roijakkers( owner from don) Here you can see the original text: Ook na de verhuizing zijn de lijnen kort gebleven   Beugen – Niet lang geleden maakte grafisch bedrijf Grafipoint de keuze om hun vestiging in Cuijk te sluiten en alles op één plek te faciliteren om de klant nog beter te kunnen bedienen. Hierbij heeft... + continue reading
Dec 09th, 2016
It's almost Christmas at don Uitzendgroep! We are working full steam ahead to deliver the Christmas gifts to all our partners and employees.   Het is bijna kerst bij don uitzendgroep! We doen hard ons best om alle kerstpakketten op tijd te bezorgen bij onze partners en werknemers.     Es ist fast Weihnachten bei don uitzendgroep! Wir arbeiten mit voller Kraft, um die Weihnachtsgeschenke an unsere Partner und Mitarbeiter zu schicken  
Dec 07th, 2016
Dry wall projects In the year of 2016 don uitzendgroep has heavily invested in projects in the drywall area. For example this project developed was in Mill - Noord Brabant, our team have worked on the construction of a bank franchise. We have many partners satisfied with the result that our workers have given. We have flexible, specialized,  independent teams with working tools, good communication in English or German and willing to do the best! Are you a company looking for good professionals ? Click here to contact us or call +31485512251. Are you a dry wall professional... + continue reading
Nov 14th, 2016
Looking for a technical job? don uitzendgroep is  waiting for you! Do you have a good technical education and you are looking for a job? Than sign up now ! For us, our employees are the visible prove of our quality. Our personal approach gives you a quick insight into suitable employment. Whether you want to work temporarily or for a long period of time, we can help you. We are specialized in the mediation of professionals in the company, mainly in the automotive, construction, metal and technical areas . Looking for highly qualified personnel? Over 15 years, don uitzendgroep... + continue reading
May 07th, 2016
Over 15 years, don uitzendgroep has grown from a pioneering recruitment agency into a full service provider in the technical staff field. From our office in Cuijk, we search and recruit staff from  the Netherland, Germany and all over Europe that are able to work in the Netherlands and in Germany, with the right papers and experiences. Our enthusiastic and  specialized staff do their  best to find the perfect match to your company. At don,  you can find native speakers of Dutch, English, German, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish and Hungarian languages. All to... + continue reading