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Oct 11th, 2020
  Our successful temporary employment agency will soon be starting a new department: A broad care department, with a new name, where you, as an employer in healthcare, but also as a jobseeker, can go. The basic principle is to "match" both parties so that the affiliated healthcare institutions are assured of the best care providers, from facility employee to nurse and much more. Preparations for our new care department are in full swing. Therefore keep an eye on our website and social media (including LinkedIn and Facebook). We will shortly be launching a separate website for... + continue reading
Sep 20th, 2020
  Dear Colleagues, The Coronavirus is still going on.  That’s why we publish the guidelines again. Keep distance from others (Minimum 1,5 Meters) and avoid social activities and groups of people! If you are coughing and/or having a cold, the following already applies: Stay at home! If you also get a fever, everyone in your household must stay at home from now on. People in crucial professions and vital processes excepted from this, unless they become ill themselves. Keep yourself to the following, previously drawn up, guidelines of the RIVM and address others... + continue reading
Nov 05th, 2019
Information for the companies: Because there is a shortage of Dutch and German workers , professionals from other EU countires members can be a good solution for your business!  In our specialization areas, such as automotive, construction, metal and technical industry, there is always a need for good, skilled professional.   don uitzendgroep has years of experience in international recruiting. Everyday don uitzendgroep provides for Europeans technical skilled professionals a job opportunity. We help organizations to better use their available capacity. Since... + continue reading
Aug 28th, 2019
As a European Citizen you are allowed to work in the European Union, however each country has different regulations concerning employment contracts. For instance, many people in the Netherlands work with a temporary employment contract. Some of them, including many people from other countries, work through private employment agencies.   Are you European and you looking for work in the Netherlands or in Germany?   Please check our vacancies page and send us your CV or simply ask for us to contact you back!   don uitzendgroep is waiting for you!    

Dec 07th, 2018
Nov 20th, 2018
't Tuigleerstraatje in Cuijk is being renovated. Here, 50 homes will be built for people in need of care. On this beautiful project the experienced electrician Corin (right on the photo) started via don uitzendgroep to build the electricity. A few days later we were able to add the young electrician Marius (left in the photo) to the team. Both craftsmen are of Romanian origin, and they understand their profession like no other. For Marius, it is nice that Corin takes him under his wing because the 26-year-old Marius, who could have been Corin's son, is in the Netherlands for the... + continue reading
May 28th, 2018
Zoals wellicht bij iedereen bekend is er vanaf 25 Mei 2018 een nieuwe wetgeving van kracht in het kader van privacy met betrekking tot persoonsgegevens. Uiteraard willen wij als gerenommeerde uitzendorganisatie, hierin niet achter blijven. Vandaar dat we begin dit jaar ons AVG traject gestart zijn. Het begint om te weten wat de AVG wetgeving eigenlijk inhoudt. De AVG wetgeving omschrijft de regels omtrent het verzamelen en bewaren van persoonsgegevens die direct op een specifiek persoon te herleiden zijn. Hieronder een mooi overzicht van de stappen die wij doorlopen hebben:... + continue reading
don uitzendgroep on Dutch TV show “Lifestlye Experience”

May 01st, 2016