Christmas is coming!

Christmas is coming!

Every year once November ends, there are people who have to do some extra work.

It starts with our Management ...
They decide what the concept will be, and ensure that the necessary items are ordered for this.

Upon arrival of these items, it is the turn of our lovely Receptionist Lenneke...
As soon as there are enough articles available, they are skillfully packed by her. Every year she puts a lot of love into this, and as far as she can do it alone she does this between her normal tasks.

After this our planning Guru follows, better known by our craftsmen as Mister Theo...
Every year he faces the great challenge of making routes.
He collects all the data where our employees work, and where the companies we worked with that year are situated. On this he makes every year again numerous routes which separately all can be driven within 1 working day. This is a great puzzle every year, but in the entire time that I work here, I have never have been able to see any faults in these routes.

Then it's the turn of our wonderful account managers...
Depending on the workload at the office, there will be 4 to 5 account managers from the office to carry out these routes. This usually happens in calendar week 50, and takes 4 to 5 days. Calendar week 51 we often need a few extra days, but afterwards all employees and all customers of that calendar year are provided with a nice holiday season gift.

So we are currently halfway through this undertaking, and we are still on schedule.
Therefore, all our clients of this year, and all our employees who are currently working for us, can receive a personal thank you again.

Fun fact:
Every year a delicious Chocolate cake is part of the gift.
These are ordered in a very large sum every year at a special address. These are all made by hand, and is our "signature cake". This is so popular, that we are often phoned about where these can be bought.
However, this remains our well-kept secret. ;-)

We wish all employees and clients happy holidays already.

And it goes without saying that we support you again with a prosperous 2019.


"Thank you for reading my blog. A new item will regularly follow, so therfore keep an eye on this page.."

Greetings Maik Beikes
don uitzendgroep